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The Realm of Corith is at War

After decades of conflict, political intrigue, and fractured control by increasingly disparate factions, an unexpected intervention has sent the realm spiraling into chaos. The drums of war were sounded throughout the realm by the unlikeliest of heralds — the gods of Corith themselves.

After a long stewardship of the mortal plane, the gods have grown weary of their ungrateful wards. From their ethereal vantage, they have determined that the fate of Corith will no longer be their concern; humanity must bear the burden of its own future.

Before they take their leave, the gods have issued one final commandment. From among the people, they have selected heroes — the most capable, resourceful, and ambitious beings — as representatives for all mortals in the final conflict under their watch.

The Pantheon has decreed that whichever of the chosen heroes vanquishes the rest will be granted the mantle of godhood in their stead.


The exact nature of this reward has not been made clear, but rumor is that the victor will gain the power to reshape the realm according to their own design.

The people of the Corith must choose to which of these heroes they will pledge their allegiance, and their choice may very well determine the ultimate fate of the realm.

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